Dance Companies Mission Statement:

The goal for the SNAP Companies is to foster a positive, character-building experience for bright, young, motivated dancers.  In addition, we provide a pre-professional dance experience, by exposing members to different choreographers, styles, performance venues, and other dancers.  This is a group in which your child can excel by being pushed to his or her fullest potential.  The successful company dancer will be disciplined with her dancewear, hair, etc.,  self-motivated to arrive early, willing to practice on her own, and driven to improve every day.  She will also be a role-model for younger dancers, be involved at the studio, be a good community citizen, be a great team member, and be kind and generous to everyone.

There are 3 levels of SNAP company experience:

The Snappies Mini Dance Company

The Apprentice Dance Company

SNAP Company

Benefits of participating in one of SNAP’s Dance Companies:

Dance in a Nutcracker Ballet, Competitions (Company only), Festivals, Summer events, Disney Trips, Master Classes, Parties, Social Service, and More!!!

Auditions to participate in the 2019-2020 Companies will be held on June 5!  Dancers interested in participating in our program in the future are expected to be taking class at SNAP this year, specifically Ballet and Jazz.  Attendance to the audition is mandatory for everyone.

Please note:  Participation in Summer training at SNAP is required for all Company dancers.  Also, please note that placement in a Company is subject to the staff’s discretion and is NOT by age.  There are minimum requirements for class enrollment and attendance, and weekend rehearsals and performances are mandatory.  For more information, please pick up a brochure in the SNAP lobby or call the studio, at 847-251-7627.