Our Recreational classes are for everyone! These classes are intended for students who have many interests, dance being an important one!  If you are looking for an exciting, fun, upbeat class with knowledgeable staff, and are looking to try out different dance styles, this is the right track for you. Students participating in these classes will experience a healthy outlet for energy and will be rewarded with new friends, knowledge, and a great time!  

How SNAP’s Sessions work…..

We are teaching new material/steps/technique in the Fall session, and begin to work on Recital dances in the Winter session. Dancers who are continuing through to the June recital should remain in their same day/time/class for the school year for maximum benefit.  New students should be enrolled in a Fall class to learn the new steps introduced before they are incorporated in a routine.

*NOTE:  Recreational class levels go up to Level 2B in Jazz and Level 3 in Ballet. If interested in participating in Academy classes, dancers must participate in the Academy Track, which requires a minimum of 3 classes/week – 2 ballet and 1 elective (not ballet).


SNAP’s levels have been meticulously crafted to progress students in an appropriate manner, without pushing students to execute steps before they are ready.  It is imperative that training in dance is slow and steady for appropriate progress in all dance forms.  We strongly recommend pairing Ballet with all other dance forms in the Recreational levels (it is required 2x/week for the Academy track)  This permits dancers to have a stronger body and be able to progress year to year appropriately.  


How to choose the right level:

Level 1: a fun introduction to the movement and style.  

Level 1B: dancers should be able to execute all of the movement introduced in the first level, as we are refining, strengthening, adding to choreography, and creating more complicated enchainements.  

Level 2:  new material will be introduced, and we will build on level 1 and 1B steps.  Dancers must be able to execute all of the level 1 and 1B material before moving into this level.

Level 2B:  Our 4th year of a discipline (around age 9-10).  Dancers at this level know all of the beginning movements, can execute cleanly all of our benchmark steps, and are refining their technique to prepare for Academy classes.  This is the final recreational level prior to Teen classes or Academy classes.  


Winter 2020 Session  January 6-March 20, 2020


March 30-May 24 2020

(no days closed)


6-12 Year Olds

  • Ballet 1: Monday at 5pm (FULL), Tuesday at 4pm (FULL), Wednesday at 5:15pm 
  • Ballet 1B: Monday at 4pm, Tuesday at 5pm (FULL)
  • Ballet 2: Monday at 4pm (FULL), Tuesday at 5pm (FULL), Wednesday at 4:15pm (FULL)
  • Ballet 2B: Wednesday at 6:15pm (FULL), Thursday at 5:15pm, Friday at 4:15pm (FULL)
  • Ballet 3: Monday at 6pm (FULL), Wednesday at 6:15pm (FULL), Thursday at 6pm (FULL)
  • Jazz 1: Monday at 4pm (FULL), Tuesday at 5pm (FULL), Wednesday at 4pm (FULL)
  • Jazz 1B: Monday at 5pm (FULL), Tuesday at 4pm (FULL)
  • Jazz 2: Monday at 6pm (FULL), Wednesday at 5:15pm (FULL), Friday at 5:15pm (FULL)
  • Jazz 2B: Monday at 6pm (FULL), Friday at 5:15pm (FULL)
  • Tap 1: Monday at 4:15pm (FULL), Tuesday at 4:15pm (FULL)
  • Tap 2/3: Tuesday at 5pm (FULL)
  • Tap Intermediate 1: Tuesday at 5:45pm (FULL)
  • Tap Intermediate 2: Monday at 7pm (FULL)
  • Hip Hop 1: Friday at 2:45pm (FULL), Friday at 3:30pm (boys) (FULL), Sunday at 4pm (FULL)
  • Hip Hop 2: Friday at 4:15pm (boys) (FULL), Sunday at 3pm (FULL)
  • Hip Hop 3: Sunday at 2pm (FULL)

Teen Classes

  • Lyrical: Wednesday at 4:15pm (FULL), Friday at 4:15pm (FULL) and Sunday at 1pm (FULL)
  • Jazz: Wednesday at 6:15pm (FULL), Sunday at 2pm (FULL)
  • Ballet: Tuesday at 6pm (FULL),  Wednesday at 7:15pm (FULL), Sunday at 11am (FULL)
  • Ballet for Skaters!, Sunday at 2pm
  • Modern: Friday at 5:15pm (FULL)
  • Hip Hop 2: Sunday at 3pm (FULL)
  • Hip Hop 3: Sunday at 2pm (FULL)

Summer Session 2020

June 15-August 7 2020


Ballet 1: Mondays at 4:15pm

Ballet 1B: Mondays at 3:15pm

Ballet 2: Mondays at 5:30pm

Ballet 3: Wednesdays at 4:30pm


Jazz 1:Mondays at 3:15pm

Jazz 1B: Mondays at 4:30pm

Jazz 2: Mondays at 6:30pm


Tap 1: Tuesdays at 4:30pm

Tap 2/3: Tuesdays at 3:30pm

Intermediate Tap: Tuesdays at 5:15pm

Tap 1 for Older Students: Thursdays at 4:15pm

Intermediate/Advanced Tap: Thursdays at 5:15pm


Hip Hop 1:Tuesdays at 3:30pm

Boys Hip Hop: Thursdays at 3:15pm


Teen Ballet: Wednesdays at 4pm

Teen Jazz: Wednesdays at 5pm

Recreational Modern: Wednesdays at 6pm

Lyrical: Thursdays at 3pm